Creepy Newsweek Cover Calls Obama “The Second Coming”

January 19, 2013 4:38 pmViews: 21354

As most of us know by now, the media has an unhealthy fascination with President Obama. David Gregory from NBC's Meet The Press hands him softball questions that are a disgrace to journalism. Chris Matthews gets a tingle up his leg when he sees Obama. The crew at Morning Joe goes out of character crazy when an NRA video points out Obama's hypocrisy. But once in a while the Obama lovefest gets creepy and unnatural.

Not only is this media fascination with Obama creepy and distressing, it doesn't serve the truth that the media is supposed to be reporting on. Of course we knwo that the liberal media machine though, isn't even interested in the truth any longer they aer mostly interested in an agenda.

The best example of their agenda lately is the latest cover of Newsweek magazine. Newsweek is no longer printed and available at the newsstand, but it is put out as a PDF that you can still get online. As you can see below, their latest issues calls President Obama "The Second Coming" comparing him to Jesus Christ. Rather that pontificate any longer on the disgrace of the liberal media and Newsweek in this particular example, just have a look at the cover in question and leave your comments below:

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