Dear Liberals, Can We Cut Anything From The Budget?

October 9, 2012 4:45 pmViews: 215

Ever since the trouncing of Barack Obama in the first presidential debate, instead of coming up with a plan and defending his weak and non-existent policies, he and his liberal cohorts have done nothing more than attack Romney for his statements during that debate. The ad below is a perfect example of the juvenile level on which the Obama campaign operates.

Mitt Romney said he would cut subsidies to PBS, which many people don't have a problem with because they also get a lot of funding from private individuals, corporations and foundations. Unfortunately for liberals, everything funded by the government is sacred. Do not touch any of it! According to Obama, it seems like every bit of government funding for any program can not be cut because someone, somewhere would suffer. In fact, Obama claimed in the debate that repealing Obamacare would cause some 50 million people to lose health insurance. We're not sure how that works because that's more than the program has already covered.

The more you hear that every program funded by government is sacred to the redistributionist liberals, the more you realize we will never, ever solve the budget and debt crisis as long as this bunch is in control. Don't touch Big Bird because he's too cute, we grew up with him, he makes kids happy, he talks with a comforting voice and well, he's yellow. Really liberals, will you allow us to cut anything from the budget?

If Obama had any inkling of leadership abilities, he would actually sit down and discuss the dire financial straights we're in today, but he is unwilling and unable and instead simply denigrates any idea that doesn't involve more government funding.

Watch the new, nauseating commercial from the Obama administration to see where their priorities are, and try not to get sick.

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