Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Issa Cutting Off Mic on Cummings Is Like Venezuela or Ukraine Oppression [VIDEO]

March 7, 2014 8:05 amViews: 1759

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Darrell Issa

Sometimes I don't think Debbie Wasserman Schultz is even a real person. She appears to be an liberal, progressive Obamabot designed to do nothing more than come up with the most outrageous analogies to try and illustrate just how evil Republicans are.

A case in point in the video below is when Ms Wasserman Schultz appeared on the utterly biased MSNBC show, Now with Alex Wagner and was asked about her reaction to congressman Darrell Issa cutting off Elijah Cummings mic in a hearing that had already been adjourned. The hearing was ended, by the way, because Lois Lerner refused once again to testify in the IRS abuse of conservatives scandal. The wearing was over.

Ms Schultz compared Darrell Issa's actions to those of dictators in the Ukraine or Venezuela by saying she was, "Standing up for the oppressed trying to make sure that in Venezuela dictators there aren't shutting down the opposition. Same thing in the Ukraine."

Shultz then went on to further say Issa was, "Literally, electronically cutting off the mic of the opposition to prevent him from having any say or participation in a hearing that was focused on an investigation that was resolved and that they are purely and obviously through the cutting off of Elijan Cummings mic, purely proving that what they're doing here is just trying to continue to politicize this issue."

What actually happened in that hearing, which none of the liberal media propagandists want to talk about, was that Lois Lerner would not cooperate with the investigation and testify. Issa then shut down the hearing for obvious reasons. Cummings then started to berate Issa telling him, "Mr Chairman, you cannot run a committee like this....blah, blah, blah." Issa then cut off Cummings mic.

And exactly why did Issa cut off Cummings mic? Ms Schultz, why did Cummings get his mic cut off? Issa cut off Elijah Cummings mic because he proceeded to not ask a question as he indicated, he started to berate Republicans and Darrell Issa for the way he was running the committee. Issa did not cut off Cummings mic to politicize the issue. Issa cut off Cummings mic because he, Cummings, was politicizing the issue.

That fact has apparently escaped the liberal universe.

Watch the video below:

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