Dem Rep. Charlie Rangel: “There Is No Reason Why a Young Person Should Have To Pay For College” (VIDEO)

August 23, 2013 8:08 amViews: 5147

Congressional Crook Charlie Rangel

Free healthcare, free food through food stamps, free school lunches, free contraceptives, free cell phones and now Rep Charlie Rangel doesn't think young people should have to pay for college, so let's add a free education in there as well. Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika. Is this what President Obama meant when campaigning for office and he said he wanted to, "fundamentally transform the United States of America?"

This past Thursday, President Obama talked about how we can reduce college costs around the country and speaking about this on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir show hours later, Congressman Charlie Rangel, while talking with substitute hostess Joy Reid, actually had the audacity to say, “There is no reason why a young person should have to pay for college.”

Attention democrats, someone, yes, someone has to pay for all of your liberal policies of lunacy. It takes money to produce food, and make free cell phones, and to learn to be a doctor, and to build schools, and large sports arenas at those schools, and on and on.

It also takes lots and lots of money to pay for incredibly corrupt politicians like Charlie Rangel.

Read the pertinent pert of the transcript below from News Busters and then watch the video after that:

JOY-ANN REID, SUBSTITUTE HOST: I first want to get your reaction to the President’s education proposal today.

CONGRESSMAN CHARLIE RANGEL, (D-N.Y.): I think it’s exciting, and certainly it’s going to bring in accountability. You know, we have universities scattered all over the world. Sometimes you think that tuition means nothing to a large group of people who pay these enormous salaries to college presidents. But if you’re talking about production, if you’re talking about what is the college really giving someone that doesn’t want a worldwide education, they just want to be able to compete, this makes sense.

But you know something, Joy? There is no reason why a young person should have to pay for college education, because who does it benefit except a nation? Who are we competing against? Not ourselves, but China and other industrialized countries, they decide what they need, and they provide the incentives. Here we don’t have nurses and doctors, and then when a person gets out of health school, I mean out of medical school, they can’t get the money to pay off their debt. It doesn’t make sense.

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