Dem Strategist Blames Oklahoma Gun Laws on Baseball Player’s Shooting Death By Black Teens (VIDEO)

August 21, 2013 1:42 pmViews: 3917

Democrat strategist Richard Fowler

It seems like everything today is so political that there can almost never be a story in the news that is not somehow advanced to fit in with the liberal agenda. Democratic political strategist and progressive messaging expert Richard Fowler was on FOX News this morning to discuss the media's reaction to the brutal murder of Aussie baseball player Chris Lane in Oklahoma by 3 black teens last Friday and he blamed Oklahoma's gun laws on the killing.

Australian baseball star Chris Lane was shot as he jogged along a somewhat deserted stretch of road by the 3 who were supposedly just out cruising around. They killed Chris just for fun.

In the video below, Richard Fowler blames Oklahoma's permissive gun laws for the shooting even though he has absolutely no information as to how the gun was obtained. We're guessing since these three thugs killed someone, which is against the law, they probably obtained a gun illegally as well. Criminals usually do criminal things. More pure liberal insanity by the anti-gun nuts. Would you expect anything less?

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