Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay Blames Budget Cuts For Benghazi Attack

May 8, 2013 2:41 pmViews: 2475

Congressman William Lacy Clay

Democratic congressman William Lacy Clay of Missouri blamed congressional budget cuts for the terror attack on Americans in Benghazi at today's hearings on Capitol Hill. In his chance to speak to the 3 whistleblowers, he went on a 2 to 3 minute rant about Congressional Republicans cutting funding to embassies as if any of the witnesses had  any knowledge about that matter.

Contrary to what Rep Clay was trying to get at, whether or not anyone in Congress cut any funding to embassies worldwide had zero bearing on the attack in Benghazi and the subsequent deaths of Christopher Stevens and 3 others. When Stevens and others requested more security for the consulate in Benghazi, budget cuts were never mentioned and security personnel was stationed at bases around Libya that could have responded with a ridiculous budget having nothing to do with the attack or our ability to respond to it.

It is amazing how liberals construct straw men to deflect from the issue at hand. Watch the silly rant from Congressman Clay below:

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