Denver City Council Bans Chick-fil-A From Opening Airport Restaurant For This INSANE Reason!

August 25, 2015 2:15 pmViews: 624

Chick-fil-A Denver airport

It seems to be a daily outrage lately because someone gets easily offended at a minor inconvenience or infraction of their pitiful little lives. What happens in turn, is some squeaky wheel complainer vents themselves at people in charge and more people end up paying for the consequences of a single individual being offended.

The very routine process of approving an airport concession deal at Denver International Airport has taken a politically correct turn in recent days. The Business Development Committee of the Denver City Council on Tuesday put a stop to the seven-year deal with a new franchisee of the popular Chick-fil-A restaurant for two weeks or more.

And what is the reason for them not immediately approving this lucrative, jobs creating deal with Chick-fil-A? The city council's first openly gay member, Robin Kniech, said she was very worried that a local business generating "corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination" would cause problems at the airport.

Wow, wait just a minute, I thought gays just wanted to get married, have happy lives together and have everyone just leave them alone. We were told that the fight for equal rights for same sex marriage would have no effect on society, but as with this case and many others like the gay wedding cake hoopla, this is turning out to be a fundamental change to society. If you think different than us, regardless of how successful you are in business and how good you may be for the economy, we will discriminate against you.

Because Chick-fil-A has come under fire for donations made by charitable arms to groups standing for the sanctity of marriage, the Denver City Council wants to basically hurt the economy of the airport, keep maybe a hundred or more people from getting jobs and apparently doesn't want the tax revenue AND what users of the Denver Airport have specifically asked for. That's right, people who use the Denver International Airport were surveyed and guess what, Chick-fil-A was the 2nd most requested fast food restaurant of travelers asked for. Why should what hundreds or thousands of people asked for be stopped by one or a few individuals on a discriminatory city council? How did we even get here?

One person who commented at Herman Cain's blog summed it up quite well when he said,

"They are always packed! CFA doesn't discriminate. Was in one today, and no one asked me if I was straight, gay, Conservative, Liberal, etc… No one even checked my car to see if it had a "Jesus" or rainbow flag sticker on it. I was welcomed and told "my pleasure" more times than I can count. It's very simple. The Denver City Council, and those who support their actions, engage in a mentality that screams: Believe as I do and you're ok. If not, I'll try to crush you…especially if you believe in the Bible."

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