Despite Crashing Obamacare Website, Administration Releases 2nd Ad Saying How Easy Sign Up Is

October 21, 2013 7:19 pmViews: 850

Obama zombie signs up for Obamacare

This is the kind of leadership we get from our president. Obama and company can't get a website they spent over $600 million on to work, but they can make plenty of YouTube video commercials saying how easy it is to sign up for their healthcare plans.

The most telling line of propaganda in this Obamacare commercial below is when the featured Obama drone says, "I couldn't wait for the health insurance marketplace to open. I knew my husband and I were going to save money."

Really? How did you know you were going to save money? Did someone on MSNBC tell you that? Was signing up really that easy, or are you just an Obamazombie getting paid to do a bogus commercial that doesn't contain a shred of truth?

You would have to be completely blind not to see a pattern here of complete and utter leadership failure and propaganda here.

Watch the pathetic video below:

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