Dianne Feinstein: You Could Have Kept Your Health Plan…Until We Passed Obamacare

November 4, 2013 11:51 amViews: 3460

Dianne Feinstein covers for the Obamacare LIE

So, just to make it clear for everyone, the "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" promise made by Barack Obama from 2007 forward all the way through the 2012 election, made probably hundreds of times in those five years leading up to Obama's second election, did that mean you could keep your plan and your doctors or did it not?

What did a promise made by the President of the United States to secure a reelection and the biggest piece of legislation in our nation's history mean?

We've heard some pretty incredible spins on the “keep your plan” promise, but this one below from Senator Dianne Feinstein absolutely takes the top spot as the biggest, most gross distortion of reality, spin yet.

In the interview below with Bob Schieffer of CBS News, Feinstein actually said Obama's keep your plan promise was, “never made clear.” That statement is simply unreal given the second video below that is a montage of Obama's iron clad promise. But it is even worse because Feinstein has the audacity to say Obama's keep your plan promise was good, "up to the time the bill was enacted, and after that, it’s a different story."

Watch the interview below in the first video and then watch the Obama "keep your plan" promise in the second video. We are certainly living in unreal times.

Obama's "you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor" promise:

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