Did NBC Hire Chelsea Clinton Only to “Maintain Access” to Bill and Hillary?

August 13, 2015 10:46 amViews: 969

Chelsea Clinton NBC mistake

Nothing more than a story like this serves to illustrate how utterly manipulated the main stream media is. If you ever remember watching Chelsea Clinton do her segments as a special correspondent on the NBC Evening News, it was painful to watch. It was evident that Chelsea was utterly out of place and was very uncomfortable being on camera.

How Chelsea actually got the job at a major network such as NBC, right out of journalism school is a huge mystery. Most reporters have to work the local circuit for years before they land a cushy, high paying, big network job, but not Chelsea. She got paid an enormous salary for 3 years for doing only a handful of reports for the network.

So why did Chelsea not have to pay her dues as a reporter and get hired by NBC with an outrageous salary of $600,000 a year for doing basically nothing? According to Evgenia Peretz at Vanity Fair magazine, Chelsea was, "hired to maintain access to and curry favor with the Clintons."

So, just to get better access to Bill and Hillary and maybe some inside scoop as to the goings on inside government and what the corrupt Clintons were up to, NBC hired their daughter who had no experience and was entirely unsuited for the job.

It gets even worse. Chelsea was paid way more as a part time correspondent, she was more than frequently out of the office, than other full time correspondents were paid and her other NBC colleagues didn't have the ability to directly communicate with her, they had to go through, "her people."

However, Peretz at Vanity Fair wasn't all that willing to give Chelsea the third degree for essentially being an utterly unqualified figurehead of media bias, “Except among members of right-wing media, the idea of making Chelsea Clinton uncomfortable feels wrong,” she wrote. “Our national instinct is to protect and revere her—to treat her more like royal progeny than an adult who has taken on a position of global consequence.”

Right, we should treat Chelsea like "royal progeny" for being in on the who Clinton cadre of crooks manipulating the America political system, and the freaking media, for decades. An NBC source revealed to Vanity Fair that Chelsea was pretty much, "a joke inside the building."

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