Dirt Digger Gloria Allred Met With Obama 2 Weeks Before Her October Surprise

October 24, 2012 10:47 pmViews: 180

As if we haven't had enough already of liberal bias and mud being slung against the wall just trying to get something to stick on Mitt Romney, hyper partisan lawyer to the stars Gloria Allred is now trying to dig up dirt on Romney's court testimony given years ago. Romney testified in a child custody and divorce case involving former CEO of Staples Tom Stemberg and his role as a father to his 4 sons.

Were not sure what cringe worthy information Allred could have for the world that would sink Romney's campaign, but it has been learned that the infamous lawyer met with President Obama at the "30 Days To Vistory" fundraiser in Los Angeles some 2 weeks ago.

Fox News reports:

DNC delegate and partisan Democrat lawyer Gloria Allred attended the “30 Days to Victory” Obama fundraiser at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on October 7th…featuring George Clooney and musical acts Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Bon Jovi and Earth, Wind & Fire.  After the fundraiser, Allred admitted to O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters that she “just had a few words with the President” backstage, “he had some very kind words for me,” and “knows of my work…” but would not elaborate more on the details of her conversation. Now, two weeks later Allred is spearheading an “October surprise” targeting Mitt Romney just days before the election.

We're not sure if this can go anywhere as many people are tiring of the foolishness by the left. Our guess is now that it has come out that Allred was at this fundraiser this could turn out to have a negative effect on the Obama campaign. It's just another sign of how desperate they are. Watch the video below if you can stomach it to see her interview right after meeting with President Obama at the fundraiser.

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