Divider In Chief Obama: Republicans Are ‘Biggest Barrier’ To Progress

November 25, 2013 12:17 pmViews: 546

Obama - The Divider-in-Chief

The Divider in Chief is at it again bashing Republicans and accusing them of being, "The biggest barrier and impediment we have right now" towards progress. Of course what he doesn't tell you is that the progress he is talking about is so antithetical to conservative thinking and 65% of the country (with his job approval numbers down) that a majority of people disagree with it.

Being that he was supposed to "change the tone" in Washington, President Obama isn't doing a very good job at that as every chance he gets such as his latest fundraising dinner in Seattle he does the very thing he accuses Republicans of, positioning himself or someone else to further their agenda or to get reelected.

Flying across the country at a cost of millions to taxpayers having to pay for his $182,000 per hour Air Force One and lighting into Republicans once again is hardly a way to "change the tone."

It is surreal that many people cannot see what an instigator and divisive man this President is. He spends a majority of his time poisoning the well of any negotiations or camaraderie and then gets his face on the news and complains that Republicans aren't willing to talk with him.

Read more below from Talking Points Memo:

President Barack Obama on Sunday blasted House Republicans for prioritizing their re-election prospects over their duty to legislate.

“The biggest barrier and impediment we have right now is the Congress, and in particular the House of Representatives, that is not focused on getting the job done for the American people and is a lot more focused on trying to position themselves for the next election,” Obama said at a fundraising dinner for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee held outside of Seattle, as quoted by the Washington Post.

While criticizing House Republicans for being too partisan, Obama described himself as "not a particularly ideological person," according to the Post.

The President listed the challenges the country has faced in the past year, from the Newtown, Conn. elementary school shooting to the government shutdown, but said he was optimistic that those challenges could be worked through.

“It’s understandable, I think, that sometimes people feel disturbed or concerned about whether or not we can continue to make progress,” Obama said, as quoted by the Post, adding “I’m incredibly optimistic about our future.”

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