Do These 7 Things Prove Life Is A Computer Simulation?

April 21, 2016 1:25 pmViews: 925

Is life a computer simulation

Is there a chance we could be living in some kind of an artificially programmed computer simulation? Is our reality just billions of lines of computer code? Is there any evidence of this computer simulation?

Some scientists and philosophers are saying that reality is not all that real and that what we are living in is only being generated by a computer and a staggeringly complex software program. In the video below you will find 7 reasons or lines of evidence, some of them being tongue in cheek, that indicate we could possibly be living in such a simulation.

Things like the double slit experiment, serendipity, quantum entanglement and even some YouTube and Facebook pages that have massive followings for no apparent reason point to some very strange realities, and it gets even weirder when you take into account the, "doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block codes” found in the equations of supersymmetry that describe fundamental particles which make up the fabric of our universe.

Watch the video below for more...

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