Doesn’t Everyone Want To Know What A V8 Powered Chainsaw Will Do?

August 11, 2014 11:44 amViews: 3734

Australian Chainsaw

There aren't too many jobs a little more horsepower won't take care of, well, almost.  This 253 cubic inch V8 Chainsaw definitely fits the bill. Watch as this over powered Australian tree cutting beast goes absolutely wild in the video below.

Whitland Engneering out of Victoria built this custom chainsaw using a 253ci Holden V8 Motor, with a direct drive right angle drive. It uses a 3/4 Harvester chain and a 1000mm Harvester bar. It amazingly cuts through a large 550mm Peppermint gum hardwood log in an astounding 2.4 seconds.

If you are into big horsepower and big fun then have a look at the video below and check out what guys with money and some engineering skills can do.

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