Don’t Drive A Diesel Truck Around This Prius Driver, She’ll Get In Your Face And Yell At Your Wife And Kids

July 11, 2013 1:27 pmViews: 11550

The liberal mentality is on full display below as a whacked out Prius driver is absolutely insulted that a man and his family pulled his diesel truck into a park next to the lady. What ensues after the diesel truck driver pulls up is the female Prius driver walks over to his truck and starts cursing at the driver, his wife and his kid. The man's wife gets into the lady's face as the lady just keeps hounding the family for what she thinks is their complete insensitivity to her space, he quietness and the environment.

Of course, what the ignorant lady doesn't realize is that she is intruding on the family's space and peace and quiet as well. Shouldn't those who drive big diesel powered trucks also have the right to go enjoy a park without a mindless, self righteous liberal cursing at them?

Here you go, this is exactly what the liberal Democrat indoctrination has created in our nation. People like this lady want their rights, but could give a rip about everyone else.

Watch the video below and see what we'd really like to see happen to this lady's Prius after that:

Take that Ms Liberal Prius Driver!
Crush a Prius for world peace

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