Don’t Get Excited About White House Benghazi Email Dump, The First 67 Hours Are Missing

May 16, 2013 12:51 pmViews: 3612

White House Benghazi email release

Before you go getting all excited about the nearly 100 pages of emails released by the White House in regards to the Benghazi Libya terrorist attack that killed 4 people including the first American Ambassador in 34 years, you need to know the first, critical 67 hours of those email were not included. In the Obama administration's attempt to be transparent, they have just created more controversy.

So, for a two and a half day period from right after the attack when emails were probably furiously flying around the State Department, the Pentagon, the White House and from diplomats in Tripoli and Benghazi itself, we, and more importantly Congress, does not get to see that conversation.

But, one important revelation in the emails released was that the was no mention whatsoever as to the YouTube video that supposedly started the whole non-existent protest which lead to the storming of the consulate. Curious.

Read more about the White House Benghazi email dump from below:

The Benghazi-related emails released by the White House late May 15 exclude the critical emails between administration officials that were sent during the crucial first two days after the deadly jihadi attack that killed four Americans last September.

The 100 pages of partially redacted emails also conclude with a dismissive message from CIA chief David Petraeus.

“Frankly, I’d just as soon not use this,” Petraeus said about the heavily edited, four-sentence “talking points” that the White House used to downplay Al Qaeda’s role in the Sep. 11 attack on the poorly protected diplomatic compound.

“This release is long overdue [but] there are relevant documents the Administration has still refused to produce,” said a May 15 statement from Brendan Buck, press secretary to House Majority Leader John Boehner.

“We hope, however, that this limited release of documents is a sign of more cooperation to come,” he added.

The two-day gap — the first released email was sent 67 hours after the attack began — plus the Petraeus comment, undermines the White House’s explanation for the rewrite.

Officials, including spokesman Jay Carney, say CIA officials — not White House and State Department officials — rewrote a quick-reaction CIA report that had attributed the attack to an al-Qaeda affiliate.

“Even the smallest amount of scrutiny [shows the emails don’t] support their explanation,” said a May 15 tweet from Buck.

“The White House’s explanation appears NOWHERE in the actual [email] documents. Nowhere. Not even a hint of it,” Buck added.

After the attack, White House officials used the edited talking points to bolster repeated claims that the organized attack was an unpredictable, spontaneous violent riot by Libyans who were angry about a California-made YouTube video.

The little-known video was sharply critical of Mohammad, the central prophet in Islam.

The video was repeatedly cited by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the crisis, which began only eight weeks before the 2012 election.

GOP legislators plan to continue investigating the September cover-up of al-Qaeda’s role, and the current cover-up over the White House’s role in rewriting the CIA report.

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