Don’t Think Liberals Want To Ban Guns, Watch This Dem Rep Admit On Video That’s Exactly What She Wants

March 11, 2013 4:09 pmViews: 3592

Jan Schakowsky says I'm against handguns

If you believe in the Second Amendment you need to understand where liberal and even some Republican politicians stand on owning guns. And we are not just talking about the so-called assault rifles, which in reality are not "assault rifles". When you talk with your liberal friends and they tell you that, "no one wants to take your guns" that is a lie and you can show them this video below.

The video is done by conservative activist Jason Mattera and is an interview with Jan Schakowsky where she didn't really know who he was that will surely have people who actually believe in the second Amendment not any too happy. In the video you will hear Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky admit that “I'm against handguns” and that we have a “moment of opportunity” to get more restrictive gun legislation on the books.

Well, I don't know, maybe you should stand up for the Constitution as any representative swears to do in their oath of office. It is not about your personal opinion as a law maker whether or not you believe handguns or assault weapons are bad or if you don't like them, sorry, the Constitution doesn't give you that option. Unfortunately though, swearing to uphold the Constitution is not the same thing as actually doing it. And we have very few politicians these days that really realize the attempted assault happening on the 2nd Amendment.

Watch the video below and show it to bleeding heart liberals when they say no one wants to take your guns. Yes, they do. Where does everyone think this is going to lead?

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