Economic Collapse 2012 – It Doesn’t Matter Who Gets Elected

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While we are going into this political season heading towards a presidential election (some say the most important in the history of our country) in November, it really matters very little who gets elected this time around. We are facing an almost certain economic collapse very soon, if not in 2012.

While the republicans are much more fiscally sound (or at least talk that way) than the democrats are, neither party is really willing to take a serious look at what it is going to take for this nation to get back on sound financial footing. All one has to do is look at the debate on increasing the debt ceiling back in the summer of 2011 to see that neither party is even remotely serious about putting an end to wasteful and favoritism in government spending.

You know we have a national debt over $15 trillion, and that's just what's on the books with trillions in unfunded liabilities not included, and the best these parties to financial destruction could do in that debate is come up with a measly $900 billion in spending reductions over 10 years time. That's $90 billion of reductions per year when in 10 years we will be looking at a $27 trillion debt. Big flippin deal! Really, what the heck kind of fools do these politicians take us to be?

We are talking about spending $1.2 trillion more every year than we take in for the next 10 years and the people wanting to get elected are only willing to cut $90 billion of that each year? We should fence off the the Washington beltway, lock the gate and declare everything inside an insane asylum.

Of course that would include not just the politicians, but the state run press as well. Hardly any news organization pointed out that the so-called deal reached in the debt ceiling compromise in reality didn't reduce spending at all. It in fact, raised it $12 trillion in the next 10 years. Reducing spending to 99% of politicians means reducing the never ending rate of increase. When politicians say budget cuts in today's political speak, they only mean cuts in the rate of increase.

Attention Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and all my friends voting for the lesser team of these two evils, a lower rate of spending increase is still an increase. Any way you look at it, it is money we don't have!

And you know the 50 million babies we've allowed to die because of Roe vs Wade since 1973? More than half of them would be working now and would be contributing to the economy and to our seriously underfunded social security ponzi schemes. Regardless of where you stand on the abortion issue, the fact that we have millions less people contributing to the ponzi scheme of Social Security just means it will go bankrupt all that much faster.

We don't need to elect one group of these fools over another, we need to quit being so selfish, thinking someone else's money belongs to us and that we are entitled to some social or medical benefit because we elect the right guy.

It would be humorous to think one of these parties will really change things, if it weren't so sad. The only choice before us is, which party will get us to destruction faster.

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