Economic Collapse 2012 – Romney, Obama And The 47% Who Pay No Taxes

September 25, 2012 4:43 pmViews: 124

As usual, anytime a politician, especially a conservative politician, utters a word about economic policies or taxes or actually wants to do something real about the utter fiscal mess we are in, the left leaning main stream media goes into their usual conniptions. Really, this outright effort to completely miss and deflect the real point is going to absurd lengths and is bringing us to the precipice of economic collapse.

While Mitt Romney supposedly had this so-called horrible week mid-September because of his 47% that pay no federal income taxes remark (never mind that President Obama had the US Embassy in Libya attacked and American Ambassador Christopher Stevens killed by Islamic militants under his watch during that same time period), and although Romney could have been a little more careful with his words, let's not forget he was being spied on. Isn't it funny how the MSM has never even mentioned that little piece of information.

But the point of the 47%, which is really 49%, or is it 46.8%, of people in the United States that don't pay any Federal Income Taxes is this, we are running out of money and facing economic collapse because the President, the media and just about every single politician running the American experiment refuses to acknowledge that fact. They are simply afraid to tell their constituents, sorry, we can't continue to send you unlimited cash any longer. How many ways can you say we are broke because we have an endless array of special interest groups, seniors citizens, students, the disabled, minorities, military, single mothers, the mentally ill and probably a thousand others on the big list that are continually clamoring for more federal dollars.

Don't get me wrong, of course there are people that need assistance and of course we need to offer assistance to veterans, the underprivileged because it is societie's job to help those who cannot hep themselves, but we are at a point in today's government handout dependency culture that if you work at it long enough, probably everyone in the nation can qualify for some kind of government assistance.

Is this really what our forefathers intended this nation to be? Do you think they wanted us to be a nation of dependents? Is that what they set us up to be when they wrote the Constitution?

But the big question of the 47% or 49% or whatever it is that's approaching half of the people in our country is, how we pay for it all? No really, that's the question no one wants to answer in the media. It is the question that no one wants to answer when liberal ranters and bloggers and commentators on Facebook want to deal with when they always punctuate their diatribes with testimonies of an exception. What about the veteran, or the single mom, or the senior citizen who's spouse just died? What about all these reasons to spend us into oblivion?

First of all, exceptions are just that, they are exceptions and although they make up a good story, they aren't responsible for the majority of the money being spent. However, they do make good headlines and lead stories and cause us to continue to spend money we don't have and to never look at the consequences of the $15 trillion mountain of debt we refuse to deal with.

The bigger issue is, any time someone mentions cutting spending because of, you know, that $15 trillion deficit that's just sitting there, no one wants to deal with that. Don't touch my money, don't touch my benefits, don't throw seniors off a cliff, don't, don't, don't.

No matter what side you are on, democrat or republican, we are $15 trillion in debt and we have to quit looking at the issue as if it's someone else's problem. There are too many people collecting government benefits right now and not enough money coming in to pay for it all and it isn't going to be solved by taxing the rich 3 or 4% more. That won't even come close. Government spends too much money. What, what the heck are we going to do about that? No one in control in Washington seems to have much of a grasp of this problem today.

Slate article on the 53% paying for the 47%.

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