Economic Collapse 2012? Yes, Obama Is Bankrupting The United States!

September 4, 2012 3:27 pmViews: 3049

I've been having some interesting discussions over on YouTube with people that just don't seem to get in economically. While there are a few people who can argue their points and make you actually think and really challenge you beliefs a majority of the mass of humanity that inhabits YouTube are giving stupidity a bad name. Unfortunately, they have no clue that we are heading for economic collapse because of uncontrolled government spending. It doesn't even enter their minds that something is seriously wrong and government is the problem. So here, why don't we take a look at what's going on?

President Obama is bankrupting our country and driving us towards economic collapse in 2012 or early next year like no other president in history. Apparently, those that vote for the man are too blind to see and understand that the completely broken system of endless handouts and debt-fueled prosperity will eventually be a major cause in an economic collapse like the world has never seen. Social Security and Medicare are a good thing? Not when you see how bankrupt they are.

Really, how charitable of everyone to see that grandma gets her $1,000 check every month, while the global economy crumbles because social spending has run amok in nation after nation, not just in the United States of America.

What will it take for people to see that politicians have been creating a social spending entitlement society all along just to buy votes? Do you think that kind of thinking about grandma is somehow cruel? Well, what do you think is going to happen when all the money is gone? No one will get anything. And then what will happen to grandma?

Did you know that our deficit in this year, in 2012, will be larger than the entire debt was when Ronald Reagan started his presidency back in 1981? That means our yearly budget will be overspent this year more than the entire debt, which is at $15 trillion now, was at the beginning of 1981.

When our thieving politicians finally spend the last dime left in the treasury because people have bought into the lie that the government owes them something, then what will happen to the liberal fantasy entitlements-for-everybody world? What happens when there is no more money? When there is no more Social Security or Medicare? When hospitals go silent because there is no more government Medicare money to keep the lights on?

This is what the fantasy do-gooder liberal worldview has brought us. This is where we are. We have spent TRILLIONS on social programs over the decades and liberal politicians, and even some republicans, just want to keep that going despite the serious financial trouble we are in. Can we see some results? Where are they? Where are people leaving poverty? Where are homeless people getting off the street because of an endless spending of other people's money on social programs? President Lyndon B Johnson's Great Society (doesn't that have a sorta Red China ring to it?) was supposed to fix all that and his programs spent $2 trillion over 25 years and nothing happened.

So the Dear Great Leader Obama comes along and spends that much money in 3 years with the stimulus and all, and STILL no results. And yet, liberal progressive fools want even more of our money?

God help us! When is this mass liberal delusion fantasy world that liberal progressive types live in ever going to end? It has failed in EPIC proportions, yet the snake like politicians that we keep voting for always keep saying, we need just a little more money, just one more program, just one more government agency, just one more government czar can solve it this time. Let's just tax the rich more. Let's just tax the internet. Let's just tax small businesses more. Let's get rid of the loopholes (but of course, not for my campaign contributors).

Obama told us Government Motors, good old GM, paid all their loans back and many, many jobs were saved, but for how long? We then get the real story and see that GM's stock price has dropped so much that the company lost some $25 billion on the Obama bailout. GM employs 68,500 people in the US, so that means each job supposedly saved at GM ended up costing the government, that is the taxpayer, $365,000.

Anyone want to do the math there and let us know how long that fantasy is going to last?

Enough is enough! The Great Society, government can provide everything fantasy is coming to an end because the bank is broken. And when there are no more government resources to build yet another liberal edifice, the deluded masses that voted for the politicians who crashed the system, because they finally ran out of other people's money, won't have any more government cheese to feed their hungry children and they will revolt.

This will happen all because politicians promised them the world and they believed it. Welcome to the future of your sick little liberal experiment. And yes, you republicans have played the game as well.

See President Obama making himself look good despite economic collapse looming.

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the debt we have is scary and some fools voted for obama to get free stuff and to get food stamps so they don’t have to work, why does obama take away money from the rich who work hard only for to give the money to the poor who don’t want to work, what a sad world, but now that obama is re elected they will find out the hard way, only thing about that is we all have to suffer because of the ones who voted for that jerk.