Economic Collapse – Hedge Fund Manager Sees Scary Parallel To 2008 Financial Crisis

March 18, 2015 11:13 amViews: 363

Economic Collapse 2015

If you think we are going to get out of all Obama and his minions are doing without an economic collapse soon, you have another thing coming. Andy Redleaf, CEO of Whitebox Advisors says that we are currently living in, "a truly scary time."

A truly scary time, but I thought we had a record stock market, lowering of unemployment and a big reduction of the deficit according to financial guru Barack Hussein Obama, what to you mean we are facing an economic collapse? How could that be?

Stimulus and Quantitative Easing money that was in essence almost free credit, has been pumped into the economy and the financial markets for almost the entire Obama presidency and it's finally about time to pay for all that good time.

With $85 billion per month of fake money printed for the past 4 years by the Federal Reserve and most of that ending up in the market, hedge fund manager Andy Readleaf said in an internal memo,

"We do not know exactly where all the credit creation of this cycle has gone. Certainly money sits idly as excess reserves, but just as certainly money that would not exist but for unconventional monetary policy has distorted prices and resource allocation."

In other words, much of the current boom economy is looking real fake, we just don't know how much of it is fake.

Oil has also seen a big bust lately as it has crashed from a solid $100 dollar per barrel level held for several years down to a $43 a barrel level not seen since early 2004. While this means more money for consumers at the pump in the immediate future, which makes us all happy, it really spells disaster on the world stage. It severely curtails the economy of entire nations like Russia whose economy depends on oil over $100 a barrel just to survive. And when a nation's very survival comes knocking, especially when it's being run by the former head of the KGB, that is not a good thing.

It is also a bust to the fracking industry which half of the producers of shale oil will go broke if the price point is anywhere south of $80 a barrel.

In his internal memo, Redleaf suggests China may have overly inflated oil prices in their speculation while the Fed contributed to a sea of easy credit.

The easy credit could only last for so long and may have been planned all along by Obama's handlers to make him look good and help him win reelection as well as finish out his term (if it doesn't get weird and someone changes the rules here in the next couples of years).

Of course, this could not have been planned by the second rate thug community organizer that Obama is, as is evident by his actions, he can hardly handle keeping Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton in line, much less handle the tweaking and intricacies of complicated financial dealings that run our economy.

There are a multitude of factors at play here including Greece, Germany, Putin evidently planning a resurgence of Russian might, although with a lot less money now that oil prices have taken a tumble, and of course the fake markets and employment we have in the United States, plus whatever China does to the dollar since we owe them more than a trillion dollars.

The financial elite are just kicking the can down the road, but the road ends somewhere. Economic collapse is coming soon. Hold on tight...

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