Economic Collapse – Top 5 Signs We Are Headed For More Than A Stock Market Crash

February 9, 2015 8:24 pmViews: 1989

Economic collapse 2015 stock market crash

Economic collapse is right on the horizon and many don't even know it. We have absolutely fake jobs numbers, the stock market is long overdue for a crash and it looks like war is brewing in the middle east and between Russia and the Ukraine, but those are not the most serious signs we are heading for a disaster of epic, world shaking proportions.

Here are the top 5 signs we have that an Economic Collapse and a stock market crash like the world has never seen are looming:

1. Greece is on the verge of total economic collapse - and why is that relevant? It's relevant because the new president of Greece, Alex Tsipras, has said he will not accept conditions of the current bailout nor will he pay any of the 287 billion he owes the European Union. Europe needs that repayment and Greece is scheduled to run to of money within weeks if they don't get more from Europe, read Germany. Look for a disaster there soon as the day of reckoning looms. This could bring down the entire economy of Europe.

2. On top of the looming Greek debt crisis, $26.4 trillion worth of currency derivatives are tied to the Euro. If that collapses and that money goes poof, the whole world goes back to the economic stone age. Maybe we will be trading grains of rice for money again sometime soon.

3. Collapsing oil prices - While millions of us are enjoying lower prices at the pump, in today's global economy, lower gas prices are a disaster for some countries such as Russia. Russia supplies much of Asia and Europe with heating oil and gasoline and if they don't have oil at $100 a barrel, their economy doesn't and can't work. Oil is at $51.69 a barrel right now, far from what it needs to be in Russia to keep the wheels turning. Russia gets pissed when things don't go their way and you really don't want to piss off Russia.

4. We have had one of the most volatile stock markets in along, long time and the up and down 100 to some times 300 point daily swings of the DOW seen lately are looking like a disaster waiting to happen. We need stability in the market right now, not daily 150 to 300 point swings. No one really knows what's going to happen and everyone is just riding the roller coaster right now.

5. The Baltic Dry Index has dropped to the lowest level in 29 years. The Baltic Dry Index is a measure of the amount of raw materials by ocean and this means companies and raw material producers are not gearing up for more production when this index is low.

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