ESPN’s Rob Parker On RG3 – How Racist Can You Be Without Actually Being Labeled A Racist?

December 14, 2012 8:03 amViews: 275

We don't do much of anything labeled sports here at, but this one from ESPN's Rob Parker certainly hits a nerve with us. Parker's little rant on First Take about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, or RG3 is he is known to his fans, for not being a true "Brother" or being a "corn ball brother" and not being "down with the cause" or because RG3 "has a white fiancé" is about the most racist thing we've ever seen on any sports program.

What exactly, Mr Parker,  is this cause you are referring to? Down with what cause? Is it your cause of just being a "brother" or is it your cause not to have a white wife? What? If you don't want to be labeled as a stereotype and have a label put on you Mr Parker, then why are you defining a stereotype that RG3 has to fit into.

Of course nothing will happen to Mr Parker's position on ESPN's First Take because he is black and firing him would be called racist by the perpetual, politically correct race baiting crowd. However, if he were white and said or wrote something much less sensitive such as a white ESPN reporter did with the headline Chink In The Armor when describing a poor performance by the Knicks Jeremy Linn, he of course, would be fired.

Will someone stand up and call ESPN's Rob Parker a racist for wanting to keep RG3 in line so he doesn't stray too far off the plantation? Okay, we will. Mr Parker, you are the worst kind of racist for insisting RG3 fit into your mold of whatever you define as being "down with the cause" is. Shame on you!

Read what Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner writer Doug Farrar had to say about the who thing and watch Rob Parker's pathetic rant in the video below.

Nobody will ever mistake ESPN's "First Take" show with anything remotely resembling insightful, important, or accurate journalism. The trainwreck bookmarked by Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith has adopted the slogan "Embrace Debate" to put a nice little hat on the fact that the show is actually the kind of dreck that makes the worst political commentary programs look like great television. As a result, it's tough to come on that show and actually be an embarrassment.

Frequent ESPN talking head Rob Parker, however, went out of his way to do so when the subject of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III came up on Thursday morning. Parker decided that it was the appropriate time to bring up whether Griffin was black enough or not. No, really. We'll just let the video and transcript roll.

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