Even After Benghazi Obama Says Al Qaeda Has Been Decimated At Wisconsin Rally

November 1, 2012 4:30 pmViews: 308

Even after the embassy attacks in Benghazi Libya that killed 4 Americans apparently President Obama is living in some fantasy world of political stupidity as he has just come out at a Wisconsin rally and declared that, "Al Qaeda has been decimated." The full quote in context is below:

“The war in Afghanistan is winding down, Al Qaeda has been decimated. Osama bin Laden is dead. So we made real progress these last four years, but Wisconsin, we know our work’s not done yet.”

I am frankly stunned that the president has the utter audacity and is so politically naive as to make such a ridiculous statement when the attack on our embassy in Libya was at the hands of a terrorist organization with ties to Al Qaeda. Even after a changing story for 7 weeks now, lies nearly beyond belief by the president and his staff and a full coverup by our incestuous media, President Obama still apparently believes he can lie to his willing followers!

With this statement it is just one more piece of evidence that President Obama has run nothing but a bumper sticker campaign for 4 years. This is exactly the same line Obama has been using ever since Osama Bin Laden was killed at the hands of our brave Navy SEALS. He used it during the first debate, but smartly refrained from using it during the second debate. But now it has been 7 weeks since the embassy attack in Libya and the state run media has absolutely refused to cover any of the scandal surrounding the lies perpetrated by the president and his staff, Obama thinks it is okay again to spew out bumper sticker campaign slogan to really goers in Wisconsin.

Watch the video clip below if you can tolerate it and try not to get sick:

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Unfortunately, the ones that are for Obama won’t believe ANYTHING said against him. No matter how truth is presented to them, they still insist he is never lying, never wrong. That anyone who is against him MUST be ignorant or bigoted, or both. God help this country if he is elected again.

robin says:

boy, obama seems dellusional, alqaida is still very much alive. what an idiot