Everybody Is Racist Except Chris Matthews and MSNBC

September 4, 2012 12:47 pmViews: 245

The level of hypocrisy on the left and specifically at MSNBC would almost be comical if it weren't so pathetic. And to be even more specific, it is Chris Matthews that seems to be off in his own world these days when it comes to racism. Chris Matthews is obsessed with racism. That is apparently all the man can think or talk about, racism. He absolutely sees it every where and it is so bad Chris Matthews can hardly be called a reporter any longer.

The more MSNBC reports and the more they actually give stories and interviews to Chris Matthews, the more the guy comes across as really, I think he is close to losing his mind. it's becoming hard to watch even replays of his videos because his bias is becoming so hideous.

The first of two media bias examples from Chris Matthews was when he recently did an interview with Newt Gingrich and would not hardly let Newt get a word in. Chris was giving questions to Newt in a rapid fire manner too fast for him to even answer, and the utter contempt in Chris' voice was painfully evident.

Chris Matthews was accusing Newt of being racist because at some point he used the term 'food stamp president' which of course Matthews immediately assumed Newt was referring to blacks. However Newt had Chris Matthews for lunch when he turned the tables on Cmedia hris and asked him why he assumed food stamp recipients were black.

You can read about that one and see the video here.

And the next of two media bias examples is Chris having trouble with nearly every conservative that hates the way government spends money and every word that comes out of a conservative's mouth being some code word for racism. If a conservative says Obama's middle name, Hussein, it is racist. Birth certificate is racist, saying the president  golfs too much somehow ties him into Tiger Woods and since Tiger is black, than that's racism.

And in this example, Matthew's even says using the word Chicago is racist.

Chris Matthews becoming scary weird. He is more like a caricature in a badly written comic strip that's going off the deep end instead of a news reporter to be taken seriously. Chris needs to get help before he hurts himself or somebody else.

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