EXPOSED: The Calculated FRAUD of the Ahmed Mohammed Clock Story!

September 20, 2015 9:53 pmViews: 21282

Ahmed Mohammed clock fraud story

After spending a little more than an hour reading material and watching videos about the Ahmed Mohammed clock in a briefcase story, I can tell you it is one of the biggest FRAUDS that has yet to be pushed on the American people. And it makes you wonder if it has been perpetrated from the highest echelons of government, including President Obama himself!

Here are some facts that the main stream liberal media is not telling you about The Ahmed Mohammed clock story. Here they are:

Ahmed's father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, ran for president of Sudan at least twice.
Ahmed didn't invent anything, he took an 80s Radio Shack clock and reassembled it in a pencil box.
He took the "clock" to 6 different classes before getting arrested.
He was finally turned in, not by his science teacher, but by his English teacher.
His engineering or science teacher told him not to show the device to anyone, then he took it to his English class and plugged it in.
Obama invited Ahmed to the White House even before knowing all the details. WHAT?
A professor at the Theoretical Physics Dept from MIT invited him to tour the school...for reassembling a Radio Shack clock?
Taking a clock out of one housing and putting it into another housing is a far cry from anything to do with theoretical physics.
While the media is playing this out as a racist, bigoted event, guess what, he was arrested by a Black police officer.

This thing is an utter scam. We're being taken for a ride here. Should he have been arrested. I'm going to say no, but seriously, what was the kid doing with a device that according to police reports had no explanation as to why he made it or what it was for. It was not a science fair project, it was not a class project, and it was not even an assignment for any class Ahmed was taking. It had no purpose. It wasn't even an invention. It was an 80s Radio Shack clock you can get on eBay.

Ahmed Mohammed's Father Posing as an Imam:

Ahmed Mohammed Father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed

Maybe Ahmed had nothing to do with this besides just assembling the clock and maybe his presidential candidate for Sudan father just waned the publicity, but you can bet there is WAY more to this story than the media is telling us.

Watch the video below for more information...

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