Federal Judge Bans Use Of Word “Redskins” In His Courtroom

July 15, 2014 10:55 amViews: 251

Washington Redskins helmet

What do you get when you have a Clinton appointed liberal judge presiding over a civil case involving the Washington Redskins? You get pure bread liberal insanity. Were you expecting something else?

In a matter unrelated to the Redskins name, Judge Peter J. Messitte has ordered the court, meaning lawyers, clerks, administrative people and the like, not to mention the word "Redskins" unless it is used in a direct quote referring to the team. Really, you mean even lawyers can't say the word, "Redskins" in Judge Messitte's court? Apparently that's the case.

It's hard not to have utter contempt for our judicial system when you see such utter bias and misunderstanding of priorities by a judge as in a case like this.

Read more below from The Washington Post:

U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte, who is presiding over the “bounty” case former New York Giants linebacker Barrett Green launched against the Redskins, issued a 21-page ruling with this footnote on the first page: “Pro Football’s team is popularly known as the Washington ‘Redskins,’ but the Court will refrain from using the team name unless reference is made to a direct quote where the name appears.” Instead, he wrote, the team will be referred to as “the Washington Team.”

The note comes months after Messitte — who was born in D.C. and attended Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school — ordered attorneys in the case not to use the team’s name in his courtroom, according to one of the lawyers.

Mesitte’s ruling came in response to request by the Redskins to dismiss the lawsuit. The Clinton-era appointee dismissed some of Green’s claims, but not all of them. Green has accused former Washington Redskins tight end Robert Royal of intentionally injuring his knee during a 2004 game as part of a bounty program.

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