Ferguson Protesters Harass White Mom & Daughter At Target, Shout At Them Just For Shopping

December 1, 2014 1:19 pmViews: 11261

Mom and daughter harassed at Target by Ferguson protestors

This is a picture of the country that Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have built and the absolute definition of how to lose support for your cause. Not one of the protestors harassing a white mom and daughter shopping at Target give a rip about the actual evidence in the Mike Brown case.

The uninformed mind numbed minions marching for Obama and Sharpton have been so brainwashed by the grievance industry, headed up by Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they have no clue what actually happened in this case. And to take it out on a mom an daughter simply because they are white is reprehensible.

Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to be the first post racial, black president and was billed as a bridge builder between communities. Here is your result in the 2 videos below featuring a mom and daughter being harassed simply because they are Christmas shopping at Target. Barack Obama is a miserable failure.

Mom and daughter escorted out of Target for their safety:

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