Forget The $15 an Hour Minimum Wage, Why Don’t We Just Make It $200 Hr?

September 29, 2015 4:21 pmViews: 644

$200 minimum wage poster

Liberals want people at the bottom of the pay scale to have a minimum wage of $15 an hour. They, protesters and liberal politicians such as Bernie Sanders think that would stimulate the economy, give burger flippers more spendable cash and start us down the road to a Socialist utopia.

But why should anyone pay a dollar more for a Big Mac so someone who has no skills can get extra money for doing nothing extra? Won't spending that extra dollar at the grocery store, or on gas, which by the way government makes more money from a gallon of gas than the oil company does, or on a chocolate bar, or on a beer or whatever stimultae the economy as well? Why should you give an extra dollar to someone for doing nothing so they can spend it on something you could spend it on? This is ridiculous liberal economics 101.

If liberals and socialists think a $15 an hour minimum wage would stimulate the economy, why don't we just raise the minimum wage to $20, or $30 an hour, or $50, or $100, or $150 or even $200 an hour? I mean really, why don't we just raise the minimum wage to $200 an hour and really stimulate the economy?

Watch the video below for a satirical look at a $200 an hour minimum wage...

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