Former Playboy CEO – Chicago Gun Violence and Murder Caused By Climate Change (VIDEO)

January 30, 2013 2:17 pmViews: 727

Christie Hefner on Morning Joe

Liberals want to place blame for their failed policies everywhere except on their failed policies and we one of the better examples here lately that will blow your mind. Former CEO of Playboy magazine, Christie Hefner, appeared on MSNBCs Morning Joe today with Joe Scarborough to discuss gun control.

While she was discussing gun violence in Chicago, Hefner went into a blame everyone except our lousy and draconian policies, explaining how climate change has increased temperatures, and those higher temperature lead to heightened levels of violence. And who would Ms Hefner blame for the gun crimes and murders in the winter time when temperatures are cooler?

Christine Hefner works closely with the ultra-liberal Center for American Progress. Maybe that is what has polluted her mind. Anyway, get a load of the video below:

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