Former Polish President Lech Walesa: Obama Has Failed, “America No Longer Leads The World”

January 2, 2014 12:01 pmViews: 4749

Lech Walesa: Obama is a failure

President Obama may have fooled a lot of people in the United States, including enough to get him elected for a second term, but leaders and former leaders from around the world look at the inept former community leader as a failure. The Nobel Peace Prize winning, former President of Poland is one of those who sees through all the hype and propaganda realizes who Obama really is.

According to Walesa, he sees Obama as a failure. Just like many who voted for Obama, Walesa also saw great hope, but unfortunately Hope and Change has turned out to be little more than a divisive, uncompromising narcissist in Barack Obama who cannot even be remotely criticized for fear the liberal media, and especially MSNBC, will play the race card.

Walesa also says that because of Obama, "America no longer leads the world." And that, says Walesa, is, "a dangerous situation."

Read more below from Newsmax:

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning former president of Poland, Lech Walesa, says President Obama has failed to reclaim America’s role as a world leader.

“When he was elected… there was great hope,” Walesa said. “…. we were hoping Obama would reclaim moral leadership for America,” adding: “That failed.”

“…. in terms of politics and morality, America no longer leads the world,” he said. “…America did not regain its leadership status. We were just lucky there were no big conflicts in the world,” saying the world has relied on a strong America to maintain the balance of power around the globe.

“… It’s a dangerous situation so we are awaiting a president who will understand that,” he said.

Walesa went from a shipyard electrician to a union leader who helped overthrow the communist government in Poland, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, and seven years later, becoming the first democratically elected president in Poland.

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