Former UN Ambassador John Bolton States Number 1 Reason Why Hillary Should Not Be President

May 11, 2015 1:21 pmViews: 1954

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Everyone with any smarts knows that Hillary Clinton should not be president because she, and her husband, are 2 of the most untrustworthy people in the country (not counting Barack Obama). But of course, there is an even bigger reason Hillary should not be president according to former US Ambassador John Bolton.

Can you guess what that reason is?

It's Benghazi for crying out loud! Everyone knows the absolute fiasco Hillary made of that whole mess where we lost 4 Americans including Christopher Stevens, the first Ambassador lost in the line of duty in more than 35 years, but Bolton says Hillary should not be president because she went home during the attack on our compound and she made no attempt to even call the Secretary of Defense and at least keep informed as to the details of the attack.

Bolton summed it up by saying about Hillary's responsibility during the Benghazi attack, "Hillary Clinton went home. That act alone disqualifies her from being president of the United States."

Read more below from Breitbart:

At the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said that Hillary Clinton was not fit to be president of the United States because she did not take necessary steps to protect Americans in Libya.

On the day that Ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with three other brave Americans, was killed in Benghazi, Bolton said that “not only was nothing done, the response of the administration was to go home. The president left the Oval office in the situation room to go to the residence. Hillary Clinton left the State Department to go home.”

Not once did Clinton call the secretary of defense to see what the status of the embassy was at that time. “She didn’t stay in a way the six secretaries of state that I worked for would have stayed. They would have stayed there all night to protect our people in danger overseas. Hillary Clinton went home. That act alone disqualifies her from being president of the United States,” Bolton exhorted.

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