Former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry Gives Away Free Turkeys, Requires Photo ID And Proof of Address

November 10, 2012 11:55 amViews: 117

Just to let everyone know about the of course rampant hypocrisy going on in liberal circles these days, check out the notice at the bottom of this Tweet below from Former Mayor of Washington DC Marion Barry. He is now a Council-member of Ward 8 in DC and is giving away free Thanksgiving turkeys, but as you see at the bottom of the notice here, it requires a photo ID that proves you actually live in Ward 8 to receive your turkey:

This of course didn't go over any too well on Twitter and Barry received some humorous and not so nice responses:

Isn't it interesting that when we are doing something as important as voting for President of the United States, it is racist and is called voter suppression to require a photo ID, but when liberals are doing something as innocuous as giving away free turkeys, then by all means you must prove who you are and where you live.

Yes, rules do matter.

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