Governor Martin O’Malley – We’re Not Better Off, And It’s George W Bush’s Fault!

September 4, 2012 2:34 pmViews: 63

I think I'm going to lose my mind before election 2012 even happens because the liberal democrats are obsessed, absolutely obsessed with blaming George W Bush for today's economic problems. Even though President Barack Obama is just 4 months shy of sitting in the Oval Office for 4 years now, neither he, nor the bobble heads that travel the talk show circuit can accept any responsibility for his actions.

In one of the most blatant and frankly disgusting examples of dodging responsibility I've seen in some time, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley responded to a question by Bob Schieffer of CBS in a way that would make Harry Truman who coined the phrase, "The Buck stops here" probably preform Olympic gymnastics in his grave.

When O'Malley was asked the simple question, "Can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were 4 years ago?" by Bob Schieffer of CBS' Face The Nation, he responded:

"No, but that's not the question of this election, the question, without a doubt, we are not as well off as we were before George Bush brought us the Bush job losses, the Bush recession, the Bush deficits, the series of desert wars charged for the first time to credit cards, the national credit cards."

What exactly is the question Governor O'Malley?

Really? Are you kidding me? That's the route you're really going to take, still? Try using that tactic  in your marriage and blaming your husband or wife for something they did 4 years ago and see how far that gets you. Try that in school. Try that at your job. Maybe kids should try that technique with their parents and blame their brother or sister for something they did 4 years ago. I'm sure their parents would let that one go just like Bob Schieffer pretty much let Governor O'Malley off the hook.

No normal thinking person does this and gets away with it for very long, much less 4 years. Yet, President Obama and his cadre of leaderless mediabots spew  this outright foolishness, and all reporters like Bob Schieffer of CBS can do is say that George W Bush is not on the ballot this time around. Really, if the press had any you know what's, the next time one of Obama's butt kissers used the blame Bush line they should tell them, this interview is finished, now get the heck out of this studio because we don't deal with crackpots here.

Good heavens, how can this bunch of lightweights even garner a single vote for Obama with this kind of juvenile, never ending, blame game masquerade?

If you can stand it, check out the video of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley here.

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