Great Commercial By Women United PAC – When The Navy SEALS Called

October 29, 2012 8:16 pmViews: 529

Check out the great commercial just put out the the Women United PAC that exposes our Commander in Chief for the absolute fraud he is.

The gist of the commercial is this, when President Obama called the Navy SEALS, they got Osama Bin Laden (they did it for him because he is their Commander in Chief and they did it for our country because that is their job), but when the Navy SEALS called for help, they got denied.

What is so frustrating about the whole Banghazi episode here is that we are now almost 7 weeks past the attack on our consulate in Libya and because of the emails that went out and the drones that were watching the situation unfold in real time, the President and or people on his staff all knew what was going on, but we are still in the dark about it. The news media won't cover it, and the president won't answer direct questions about it.

This is the biggest scandal to hit the office of the president in the last 20 some years and no one even remotely close to the President, including his willing accomplices in the media, wants to talk about it. So check out the video below and at least know that some are trying to make an issue of it.

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mjm says:

GOD BLESS to the United Women PAC for making this commercial everyone has the right to know the truth.

Dee Collins says:

It’s truly sad that the mainstream media is ignoring this issue. Shame on them and KUDDOS to United Women PAC! He wouldn’t help the bravest of our citizen why would anyone believe he cares about them!

I think the truth on what happened there will eventually come out. Let’s hope it isn’t in a history book 10 years from now.