Gun Control – The Universal Background Check Propaganda Assault

March 26, 2013 4:18 pmViews: 19064

Wayne Lapierre Universal Background Checks

The entire premise of so-called "universal background checks" are at the heart of everything that is liberal and they are a flat out lie. They are insidious, they are deceptive and liberals in Congress, in the White House and all across the spectrum of government are using the argument as the worst propaganda drive in years to ban guns. The push for universal background checks is as deceptive as deceptive gets.

Right now you are either outraged at the liberal agenda or you are outraged at the first paragraph of this article because you cannot see what could possibly be wrong with doing background checks on people who want to purchase firearms. After all, don't the statistics say that 90% of Americans are for "universal" background checks? Why should Conservatives be against background checks?

Congratulations, you have fallen into the trap of liberal obfuscation and propaganda. As it currently stands, there is not one single bill before Congress or the Senate that only deals with background checks. Not one! While there are ads being produced and hitting the airwaves, TV networks and showing up on YouTube that include hunters calling for background checks and veterans for background checks, again, there is not one piece of legislation anywhere in Congress calling just for background checks alone.

Here is what is going on in the gun control legislative efforts and it is critical that you understand there is no legislation anywhere in Congress calling for only background checks alone. Every gun bill currently being considered contains some kind of provision to ban certain kids of firearms. What liberals in Congress really want is a gun registry. That is the bottom line.

What NY Mayor Bloomberg and all liberals are trying to do on the gun grabbing agenda is get as many people as possible on their side with an innocuous sounding catch phrase such as "common sense gun control" and "universal background checks." They are encouraging people to sign up on Obama's website, hold meetings, call their representatives and demand something be done to curb gun violence by instituting background checks.

The problem with all this is, the low information voter is going to follow their commands and spread their lies without a second thought of even understanding what a universal background check really is and what is the current state of gun legislation in this country. You cannot purchase a gun at a gun store anywhere in this country without going through a background check already. You cannot purchase a gun from any dealer at a gun show without going through a background check already. So, what is the universal part of this whole argument? What liberals want is to track every single gun purchase in this country whether you sell or buy a gun from your neighbor, your brother or your friend, they want all those sales tracked. That means if your next door neighbor has a gun they want to sell and you want to purchase it, they would have to do a background check on you before the transaction can take place.

But beyond that, what liberals really want is eventually to get a gun registry that contains the personal information in every gun owner in America and they want to ban all kinds of weapons. Some liberals would even ban handguns.

Watch Wayne Lapierre below completely destroy the background check agenda and the liberal lie that more laws would prevent mass shootings. Wayne shows how federal gun laws are not even being enforced in Chicago when known criminals purchase guns illegally. So what makes you think new laws will prevent criminals from doing what they are doing when they are ignoring laws already on the books that are not even being enforced. Watch the video below:

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