Happy 4 Year Tea Party Anniversary – Courtesy Of The Rick Santelli Rant

February 19, 2013 12:16 pmViews: 159

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the Tea Party movement. Exactly 4 years ago today, Rick Santelli of CNBC, and former hedge fund manager, went on his epic rant when he accused the government of "promoting bad behavior" and raised the possibility of a "Chicago Tea Party".

While liberals like to look at the Tea Party as a failure because they made the Republican party look bad and a reason for not securing a win in last year's presidential election, others see the Tea Party movement as an undercurrent of disillusionment of what America has become. While the detractors like to point out that Obama got a mandate in his second term, the truth is, more people did not vote for anyone than voted for Obama, giving him in reality only a 29% minority of eligible voters. The reason many people did not vote was because they looked at both candidates much of the same nonsense in each.

What the Tea Party was and is continuing to say is, we don't want to tweak the system with a republican win, we want to dismantle it and rebuilt the system as our forefathers intended.

You can celebrate today's Tea Party anniversary by watching the rant by Rick Santelli below that started it all:

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