Harry Reid Attacks Koch Brothers Again While Obama At Elite Hollywood Fundraiser

May 8, 2014 10:54 amViews: 346

Harry Reid is incompetent

Senator Harry Reid is either certifiably insane or is little more than just a complete tool for Obama and the Democrat party. Unfortunately, with the main stream media completely losing its direction and sucking up to Obama and the Democrats, Reid is able to say the most outrageous things and he hardly ever gets called on it.

He is at it once again, vilifying the Koch brothers who are very rich, but also provide tens of thousands of jobs for people all over America and the world. In ab interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, Reid claims the Koch Brothers, "are the two richest people in the world. They’re in it to make money. That’s their whole goal here is to add zeros to their billions." The only problem is, that's another lie from the mouth of Harry Reid because the Koch Brothers are not the richest in the world.

Not only did Reid vilify the Koch brothers by saying they are only in it for the money, he gave kudos to Sheldon Adelson, worth $37 billion, for not being interested in money. Adelson is also a big Republican political contributor, but shares the same social views of being pro-death on abortion as is Harry Reid and he also just happens to have multi-billion dollar casinos in Reid's home state of Nevada.

Interestingly, while Reid is busy attacking the Koch brothers for being rich, President Obama was at a Hollywood fundraiser sucking up to elite stars and asking them for money and talking about breaking the "cycle of dysfunction" in Washington.

Thanks for helping to break that dysfunction, Senator Reid.

Watch the snippet of the interview with Chuck Todd below:

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