Has Obama Handed Twitter Responsibilities Over To 12-Year-Old Girls?

September 26, 2013 5:30 pmViews: 2050

The desperation is coming out in the White House as they try desperately to get Americans to accept Obamacare despite an overwhelming majority not wanting it. It now appears that Obama and company has handed over their Twitter account to a group of 12-year-old girls trying to be overly cute.

Along with the Twitter account @AdorableCareAct the White House twitter account has Tweeted a couple of the most juvenile cutesy Obamacare wanna-be memes you can imagine. The first one is of a panda saying, "don't be a sad panda" and the other is a hamster pushing some propaganda quote. Does anyone else feel manipulated?

Really, is this what we get from our president to help people buy in to the scam of Obamacare?

Good heavens, the inmates are running the asylum. See the tweets below:

The Panda:

Adorable Care Act panda

The Hamster:

Adorable Care Act hampster

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