HELL FREEZES OVER – MSNBC Says Benghazi Cover Up Looks ‘Clintonian’ – Risk of ‘Impeachment’ (VIDEO)

May 10, 2013 8:52 pmViews: 71171

MSNBC Suggests Possible Obama Impeachment

Weather reports are coming in and it appears that hell may have actually frozen over. On Now With Alex Wagner (we've never sen the show) a panel of journalists is discussing the recent development in the Benghazi embassy attack and subsequent cover-up and members of the panel are saying some previously unheard of things on the MSNBC network.

As you will see in the video below the discussion goes into one member of the group saying, "Politically, this is not good for the White House" and then it just deteriorates for the Obama administration from there. The next member of the panel says, "Sure, they look terrible." Next up, another panel member when asked if this becomes an election issue says, "Sure it becomes an election issue, It becomes a 2014 issue, it becomes a 2016 issue, it becomes a, should I even say the word..." this is where hell freezes over, "that word that starts with I and has 3 syllables, that I think we all know, it becomes, you know, you know the word I mean, it becomes a potential IMPEACHMENT ISSUE as long as the Republicans are in control of the House."

Yes, you just read that from the mouth of someone broadcasting through MSNBC!

And then someone says, "I think it looks Clintonian." Well yes, being that Monica Lewinsky's, boyfriend's wife, Hillary Clinton, is involved, I would most certainly say it looks Clintonian.

Watch the fairly incredible exchange below and leave your comments in the comment section:

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