Here’s What To Do If You See Voter Fraud Or Just Something Fishy On Election Day

November 6, 2012 11:20 amViews: 57

The hallmark of our democracy is that we all get to participate in what is supposed to be fair and impartial elections. We get to choose the best candidates to lead us, at least that is the way it should to work. However, there are many things going on these days that are either outright voter fraud or are just not right.

What should do if you see something that just doesn't look right or something that is obviously wrong? Many of us have phones these days that have cameras available on them. Use them today if you see something that just doesn't add up. It is important to know that you cannot use a camera inside a polling place, but that is only inside, if you see voter intimidation or anything outside a polling station that isn't on the up and up, you most certainly can film it till your heart is content.

And even though we are conservative here at, we expect you to report voter fraud or fishy practices regardless of who is doing it. If you see republicans or conservatives engaging in fraud, it is your civic duty to report it! We want to insure as best we can a fair and legitimate voting process.

Watch the video below for some easy guidelines for citizen journalists:

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