How Many Of Obama’s Twitter Followers Are Fake? You May Be Surprised

September 22, 2013 3:47 pmViews: 5528

Obama's fake-Twitter followers

The number of Twitter followers is a badge of honor in the social media world and of course it is important if you want to be influential, especially if you are the President of the United States of America. But guess who has a huge amount of fake twitter followers? That would be Barack Hussein Obama. But just how many of his followers are fake?

According to Obama's Twitter account at the time of this post he has 38,858,152 followers and according to the Twitter analytics application, Status People, 55 percent of the President's followers are fake. That means more than 20 million of his followers are from accounts that are not real, they are just created in mass via a software bot. Having all those fake accounts follow you does absolutely nothing for you except inflate your numbers and make you appear like more of a big shot than you really are. It is likely Obama purchased millions of these fake followers during the Presidential campaign against Mitt Romney to bolster his social media credibility.

But this story from The DC Caller gets even worse for Obama's credibility when you look at the true numbers of active people that actually follow the President. It turns out that 24 percent of Obama's real followers aren't even from active accounts further reducing that nearly 39 million high number to only 7.8 million. That means only 21 percent of Obama's Twitter followers are getting any messages from him via the social network.

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