How To Explain Why Free Birth Control Is Wrong

October 29, 2012 12:37 pmViews: 91

With an ever encroaching government and a dependent society a mood is shifting in our country where people are expecting the state to provide a never ending litany of service to the population at large. That's where free birth control comes in as the latest expected right from the left leaning socialists (liberals don't realize that nothing is free, but that's another argument). The left succeeded in changing the base of the birth control issue from a religious rights issue to a woman's right issue. It has never been about women's rights. No one has ever told women they couldn't use birth control. What the argument is really about, is who is going to pay for it.

It becomes increasingly hard to get your point across to individuals that listen to President Obama, who mandated the free contraceptives law, the main stream media and listen to the radical left that wants the government to pay for everything. Once an idea that is in fact a lie, gets that kind of blanket coverage, most people don't even bother to find out how it originated. If they did, they would see that it isn't about women's rights at all.

But, in the event to do have a chance to explain why free birth control is wrong, the best thing to do is get back to basics and explain in about 15 seconds why it is wrong to expect society to pay for a woman's birth control. Have a look at the video and leave you thoughts in the comment section below.

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