HUGE Protests Against Venezuela’s Socialist Government – U.S. Liberal Media Silent [SEE PHOTOS]

February 18, 2014 2:49 pmViews: 800

What do you get when tens to hundreds of thousands of people march in the streets against Socialism in Venezuela? You get a government crackdown, protestors killed, Twitter images blocked so the truth can't get out and the Venezuelan opposition leader arrested.

But what you don't get from the American main stream liberal media is coverage of any of that. Why? Because Socialism is their agenda and Barack Hussein Obama is their leader the base of all of the policies that are wreaking havoc in that South American country can be found right here courtesy of the Obama administration and liberal progressive agenda.

What the main stream media and our Dear Leader Obama doesn't want you seeing is what an abject failure these ideals are because they still believe the lie of government control and wealth redistribution can work here. The trouble for Obama and his cronies is that this agenda has never work and will never work and Venezuela is just one more example they'd rather not have you see.

Read more below from Weasel Zippers and see the photos after that:

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has been arrested by the Venezuelan National Guard.

Supporters flooded into the street in front of the van to stop his arrest.

For their part, the Maduro government has said that things in the streets of Venezuela this afternoon are calm and orderly.

Seems quiet to me?

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez being arrested:

Venezuelan opposition leader arrested

Street protests because of arrest of opposition leader:

Venezuelan protests

More protests due to opposition leader's arrest:

Venezuelan street protests

Venezuelan's don't want Socialism:

Venezuelan protestsors in the streets

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