Hurricane Sandy Labeled Possible Frankenstorm – Get Your Hurricane Supplies Ready For This Storm Of The Century

October 26, 2012 8:03 amViews: 320

In what some weather experts are calling a possible Frankestorm, hurricane Sandy just leaving Jamaica and passing the Bahamas could combine with a storm coming out of the midwest to form the perfect storm and be the strongest system to hit the northeast in 100 years. It could even rival the New England hurricane of 1938 and the Perfect Storm of 1991 of which the movie was named after.

Weather experts from different agencies are seeing in their predictive models an intensity not seen in the last 100 years as this storm combines with a favorable jet stream and a front coming out of the midwest to form a 3 tired punch causing this so-called perfect storm or Frankenstorm as others are calling it.

Hurricane Sandy (track the storm here) could hit anywhere from Virginia to Maine but the most likely spot it will come ashore is somewhere along the Jersey Shore. New York is also in focus and utility companies along the projected path are gearing up to be able to provide the necessary services after the storm passes. But that doesn't mean that individuals should take this storm lightly and you should be as prepared as possible so as not to be a burden on the system when the big one hits.

We live in Florida and are used to major hurricanes as we have personally seen at least 6 major storms come through our area and have taken the time to be prepared. The biggest thing is to get the things you need to be able to have food and water for a minimum of 3 days, but possibly up to 2 weeks or longer. During the last storm to hit the Central Florida area we were without electricity for 2 weeks. Overall it makes life simple when there isn't electricity for that long because all you have to focus on is getting something to eat and something to dink. It is simple, but can be uncomfortable without electricity for that long.

So as not to be a burden on the system, here is a list of essential supplies you will need. Obviously some supplies will vary depending on your family size, your location and your specific situation:

Hurricane Supplies and Kit

Flashlights & extra bulbs
Battery-operated radio
Battery-operated lanterns
Batteries of different sizes
First aid kit
Duct tape
Rain gear
Clock (wind-up or battery-powered)
Plastic garbage bags
Fire extinguisher
Hunting knife
Can Opener
Extra clothes
Extra blankets
Heavy gloves

House List

Remove items that can be blown around
Trim dead tree branches
Board up windows
Fill gas tanks and extra containers
Have a supply of cash on hand
Move furniture away from windows
Put important papers in waterproof containers
Extra supply of medications

Food and Water

Bottled water - 1 gallon/person/day
Bottled juice
Two coolers - One for drinks & one for food
Canned foods
Manual can opener
Dry pet food
Solar oven
Propane stove

Medical and Personal Supplies

Medic-alert tags
Insect-repellent sprays
Feminine hygiene items
First aid kit
Prescription medication
Over-the-counter medication
Kids medicine
Adhesive tape
Antiseptic or alcohol solution

Have your supplies on hand and be prepared. Remember, we're not liberals here.

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