IL Congressional Candidate Robin Kelly – Concealed Carry Failed in Aurora Shooting’s GUN-FREE Theater

April 6, 2013 5:40 pmViews: 4705

Congressional Candidate Robin Kelly

A liberal Democrat running for the disgraced and headed to prison Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seat in Congress, proved once again that anti-gun zealots have no idea what they are talking about. IL-02 congressional candidate Robin Kelly attacked the idea of concealed-carry firearms by citing the victims of the Aurora theater shooting, who did not defend themselves, but did not realize the Colorado theater was the only theater within 20 minutes of shooter James Holmes house that did not allow concealed carriers to bring their gun onto the premises.

Candidate Kelly claimed this past Thursday evening that victims of 2012's Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting failed to "pull out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did."

Kelly, who faces Republican Paul McKinley in the April special election to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr, was speaking at her own one-person candidate forum, which she had convened rather than attend an NAACP-sponsored candidate debate with her opponent. Kelly made the controversial statement while arguing against conceal and carry rights for the residents of her district and the state of Illinois.

Isn't that just grand? Here we have the possibility of another person getting into the House of Representatives who knows nothing about the real gun debate going on in this country. It is becoming increasingly impossible to actually defend our 2nd Amendment rights when those in opposition to guns don't have the basic understanding of how they operate, the laws that govern them as in Ms Kelly's case and purposely mislead people by obscuring the facts.

Watch the video below and weep for our country...

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