IRS Commissioner Doesn’t Want Obamacare, Wants His Current Plan, The Same One Congress Gets (VIDEO)

August 2, 2013 9:35 amViews: 1781

The IRS says I hate Obamacare

What happens when the very agency which is in charge of determining penalties for those who refuse Obamacare, may be forced into signing its own employees up for Obamacare? They don't like it, they want to keep their own plan. And why do they want to keep their own plan, because it's the same one that Congressmen and Senators have which is a Cadillac plan compared to what most of America has. And, as if that weren't enough, the government (meaning us taxpayers) is paying for it.

If you support Obamacare and actually think it will reduce medical and insurance costs and be fair for everyone, you may just be one of the president's useful idiots.  If it's good enough for America, why isn't it good enough for federal employees? Welcome to the Obama machine.

Watch IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel try to tactfully explain why he doesn't want Obamacare below:

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