IRS Wanted To Know Why Tea Party Didn’t Hold Rally for Democratic Candidate

May 28, 2013 1:27 pmViews: 1467

IRS scandal Tea Party targeting

How can we trust the governing authorities when those so-called authorities display signs they have no clue what they are doing? Part of having the authority to rule is to display some semblance that you understand the way things work. That apparently is  not the case within the IRS as evident in the latest scandal where they were targeting conservative, but not liberal groups.

With questions to the Albuquerque Tea Party from the IRS in early 2010 where they were asked to, "state the reasons you did not have a candidate rally for the lone Democratic candidate" it is almost comically apparent the IRS doesn't understand the political process. The Albuquerque Tea Party held a question and answer forum with the 5 Republican primary candidates during the election cycle in 2010, but not one for the single Democrat candidate running at the same time.

The rules for a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization state that they cannot advocate for any particular candidate, so since they invited all 5 GOP candidates running at the time, that would mean they were not advocating for a single candidate. Also, since this was a "candidate forum" and not a "candidate rally" as the IRS ignorantly thought, the Tea Party group under scrutiny did not need to provide a forum where there was only a single candidate. Does someone need to inform the IRS that candidates running against no one in a primary can't debate themselves?

Here is some of the mindless drivel directed towards the Albuquerque Tea Party by the IRS:

"In describing your Event Rallies you stated that you hosted a question and answer forum with the GOP Primary Candidates for Governor of the state, and that not all GOP candidates attended. You stated that since there was only one candidate in the Democratic primary, there was no comparison to be made in the primary."

“Describe in detail the GOP Event Rally, including questions asked, and state the reasons you did not have a candidate rally for the lone Democratic candidate."

Funny that no liberal organizations have come forward with this kind of IRS scrutiny directed towards them, isn't it?

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