Is A Financial Collapse On The Horizon?

May 6, 2014 5:13 pmViews: 590

Obama Economy Fatal Error

Does Congress and the President really represent "We The People", or are politicians in government just acting for themselves?

Are the economic policies of an out of control Congress and a president with too much power driving our country towards a looming financial collapse? Are, what we now call, "government elites" simply enriching themselves, or are they representing our best interests in the halls of power?

Many think we are in for a devastating financial collapse in the very near future and there are 4 critical facts that point to this reality:

Fact 1: 26 Once bustling American Cities are now BANKRUPT for the first time in U.S. History. Ever heard of Detroit Michigan?

Fact 2: Germany, Switzerland and Denmark are in the process of pulling ALL of their gold OUT of the United States

Fact 3: Warren Buffet, John Paulson and numerous other billionaires are now dumping U.S. stocks as fast as they can sell them

Fact 4: Russia, China and Brazil are moving quickly towards creating a new central bank with one purpose: to REPLACE the U.S. dollar...

While we love to complain about President Barack Hussein Obama, the reality is, he is going to do what he darn well pleases and there isn't anything you can do about what he does.

However, just because Obama does what he wants, it doesn't mean you can't do what you need to do for you and your family. You don't have to sit around and watch a corrupt government collapse the economy, you do have a few options, such as:

Pretend that nothing happens and walk away.... but before you do that, ask yourself a question: If there is the slightest chance for this to happen - do you have the power to look your loved ones in their eyes and tell them you are not prepared for this situation?

Rely on your Government to help you. Do you want to take your chances with FEMA? They can’t help you... in fact they can’t even help themselves! And do you really want to rely on that corrupt government who overspends and messes up everything it touches?

Take matters into your own hands and be the one that your family relies on. However, are you prepared to protect them through what’s coming ahead, no matter what happens?

But how do you prepare? There are many ways to prep and get your bug out bag and survival supplies ready, but gathering that information can be time consuming and you could overlook some very important necessities you simply did not think of.

Learn how to be completely prepared for the looming financial crisis HERE...

What is President Obama's REAL Agenda?

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