Is America Experiencing Obama Fatigue With The First Lady Presenting At The Academy Awards?

February 25, 2013 5:09 pmViews: 6174

Michelle Obama Academy Awards

Some people are getting tired of the Obama's having to appear at every cool venue to get more publicity for themselves and we here at are amongst that crowd. Last night Michelle Obama appeared via live TV from the White House to present the award for Best Picture which went to the Ben Affleck movie, Argo. Is this just another attempt at manipulating the public into even more Obama worship?

However, much of the Twitterverse amongst others did not like what they saw and complained loudly as Michelle appeared in a ritzy sequined gown surrounded by a military guard, gave a little speech and then, after pausing to watch a short clip from each of the nominees, announced the winner.

You can read below what many on Twitter thought (some are rather funny) and watch the awkward video of the First Lady presenting the award. All in all it was rather bizarre:

So what do you think? Was it entirely inappropriate from the First Lady to crash the Oscars or what?

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